Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Mabon Blessings

The wheel of the year turns again with summer giving way to autumn tomorrow. Mabon (aka the Autumn Equinox), is the second of the three harvest festivals and a time of celebration and thanksgiving for the earth’s abundance. It’s also a time of balance since day and night are equal in length, and a great opportunity for personal introspection when we can reflect on our blessings and achievements of the past year and how we can bring more balance into our lives.

I always feel a little melancholic at Mabon, knowing that the dank, dark winter is fast approaching. I guess I’m a summer bunny at heart, ceaselessly yearning for the heat of the sun and long, light-filled days!

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Saschi said...

oh so beautiful! you know... you are such an interesting person. you seem like a "far away" person... and you are, to me , one who is so far away.

your blog is always so tranquil. i truly appreciate every word and picture. thank you.