Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New Jewels!

I’ve been adding some new designs to the Midnight Raven Artisan Jewellery website recently. Plenty more to come, of course, I’m just really behind with my photos and descriptions as usual!

I love making jewellery that evokes a sense of the past and this piece positively oozes vintage glamour from the Art Deco style sterling silver beads down to the cool, ridged orbs of vintage ‘Siam’ Swarovski crystal. The pink, red and mauve colour combo works well, so I’ll definitely be using it again in some shape or form!

Heyday necklace (Balsam for the Soul collection)


Victoria said...

Your art is simply beautiful: the jewelry, the photos, all of it! And I'm in love with your blog too. Thank you so much for sharing such loveliness. Much peace!

Cosmic Goddess said...

Thanks for your kind words, Victoria! I've been following your Dancing Beneath the Moon blog for quite a while now - brilliant content and your writing is so eloquent :-)